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Reminder 19 is a (currently Windows only) reminder/alarm/alert/notification program. You can use it to alert, remind, or notify you of any important (or even unimportant) events. Use it to remind you to take out the trash, wake you up in the morning, alert you of your motherís birthday, notify you to pay your bills, and much more!

Reminder 19 is made up of an Alert Manager and Alerts. In the Alert Manager, you can set up different messages and schedules for your Alerts. The Alerts can be one time events or reoccurring events. Reminder 19 will automatically figure out the alert times based on your schedule. When itís time for your next alert, a window will pop up with your message and optionally play a sound clip. Reminder 19 supports a huge number of alerts that are very easily manageable and configurable.

There are several ways of scheduling an alarm in Reminder 19. You can:

1. Set up an alert for a specific time and date.
2. Set up an alert to go off in so many minutes, hours, or days.
3. Set up an alert to go off once after every specific minutes, hours, or days.
4. Set up a reoccurring alert for a particular day of the week.
5. Set up a reoccurring alert for a particular day of the month.
6. Set up a reoccurring alert for a specified 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th day of the week for each month.
7. You can also set up an advanced alert. For the computer savvy, this is similar to creating a unix cron job.

Once your alert pops up, it will be hard to ignore. That window will stay on top of everything until you acknowledge the alert or snooze it (a feature for the procrastinators). You can easily see when the next alert is scheduled to pop up in the Alert Manager.

So, are you looking for an easy-to-use alarm clock program with advanced features? Give Reminder 19 a try!


- Alerts are easy to create and manage.
- Alert Windows pop up on top and stay there. They won't let you ignore them!
- Alerts can be customized with background colors, sounds, and individual messages.
- Alerts can be disabled and enabled instead of being removed and re-created.
- Alerts can be easily snoozed with preset and customizable snooze times.
- Alerts can be easily searched and sorted.
- Reminder 19 can be set to start up on system boot.
- Reminder 19 can remember its the last position.
- Reminder 19 minimizes to the system tray, so it's unobtrusive.
- Reminder 19 knows when you change the system date and time.
- Reminder 19 does not need to be installed and stores all its information in a single, easily transferable, file.
- Reminder 19 is a completely offline application and never requires an internet connection.


Sample Alerts Sample Alert Manager Sample Search Sample Options Sample Schedule Alternate Sample Schedule Sample Advanced Schedule


The following link will download the latest version of Reminder 19. Reminder 19 currently requires that Windows has at least .NET Framework 2.0 installed. There is no installation process: simply extract the folder and double-click on Reminder19.exe to run the program. If you would like Reminder 19 to run on start up, add it to your start up menu. If you would like to show your thanks to the developer, please purchase a license for Reminder 19. A licensed version has only a few benefits to an unlicensed version, but purchasing a license is a great way to show your support. I would really appreciate it!

Download Reminder 19

Purchase License

Click the button below to purchase a Reminder 19 license for only five dollars via PayPal. Donít have a PayPal account or a Credit Card? Email me at and we'll find an alternative. If you are extra appreciative and would like to pay more than five dollars, or you intend to let multiple people use the same license, you can increase the quantity of licenses. Buying extra licenses has no other benefits other than showing your support. After purchasing a license, you will be sent an e-mail with your license code and instructions on how to enter the license code. This e-mail will be sent to the address associated with your Paypal account. I promise your e-mail address will only be used for sending licenses and informing you of Reminder 19 updates. Please contact me with any questions regarding purchasing licenses.

The main reason to purchase a license is to help support the developer and to show your thanks. Having a license will also entitle you to all future updates. Plus, you will unlock the following features:

    1. Support for an unlimited amount of alerts, instead of nineteen.
    2. No annoying start-up pop-up.
    3. You can set the background color of individual alerts.
    4. You can set the sound of individual alerts.
    5. Youíll be able to use MP3 files for alert sounds.
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Contact Info

Please send all comments, questions, and concerns about Reminder 19 to:

Questions and Answers

Question 1: How do I run Reminder 19 at start up?

Create a shortcut to Reminder 19 and then move the shortcut into your start up folder. The short cut can run Reminder 19 automatically minimized if you like. If you are using Windows XP, your startup folder is located at C:\Documents and Settings\[user]\Start menu\Programs\Startup. If you are using Windows Vista, your start up folder is located at C:\Users\[user]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup. Please use google to find your start up folder if you are using a different version of windows.

Question 2: How do you change the background color for an individual alert?

You can only do this in a licensed version. Click the last button above the message textbox.

Question 3: How can two people have their own alert systems?

Reminder 19 is a stand-alone application that stores its information in a single file, alerts.reminder19. I didn't want to complicate the program with logins... but two people can have their own alerts by simply having two copies of the program stored and run them on the same computer.

Question 4: Why aren't there categories/tags for the alerts?

I don't think they're necessary for this application. I wanted to keep it simple, especially since they're so easy to simulate. For example, just add "[CATEGORY NAME]:" to the front of all your titles and then do a sort on title. I don't see any important scenarios that would need multiple tags, so I think that I'm justified in not wanting to complicate the program more. Adding categories would mean more options and menu items. Furthermore, there is the "Sort by Search" option under edit. A simple search should be much easier than searching by tag names.

Question 5: Can you add a "Every other Week" timing option?

It is already there. The option to do this is under the Time Delay Alert tab, which you can find by pressing the Help button next to the advanced field in the create an alert window. This advanced alert allows you to specify a time delay starting from a specific time and date.

Question 6: How can I schedule an alert to only go off on 2/28 and 3/31?

Create two seperate alerts, one on 2/28 and one on 3/31. Give them the same title name so they'll be easy to delete as a pair after doing a sort based on the title.
Like UNIX cron, Reminder 19's schedule format does not support disjoint alerts. Doing so would mess up the format when it's a very simple matter to get the same results by using two alerts.

Question 7: Can I have a folder open whenever an alert pops up?

Yes, you can do this by using the optional command field with a value like C:\\WINDOWS\explorer.exe ? "[Folder Path]". Read the advanced schedule help menu for more information on the command field.

Question 8: How can I "unsnooze"?

'Unsnooze' by disabling and then immediately enabling the alert. You can also 'unsnooze' by editing an alert.

Question 9: Why is the program named Reminder 19?

It's a reminder program and made (as well as hosted) under the name "Relic 19 Software." So it's a combination of the two... it was made up quickly when I started developing it and I haven't thought of anything all that better. It is slightly confusing to have a 19 in the name when there's really nothing 19 about it, but I like the catchy sound of it. I eventually decided to allow a generous limit of 19 alerts for the unlicensed version just so the name would somewhat mesh with the product.